CPR Invest Future Cities

Invest in exponential cities, live in human cities

  • Sustainable urbanisation: a robust and long-lasting theme
  • A broad and diversified investment universe, to be exposed to all growth engines driving the theme
  • A responsible approach, to contribute to sustainable development stakes related to the theme and invest meaningfully
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In brief

CPR Invest – Future Cities is a global equity fund that selects companies exposed to all aspects of urbanisation while contributing to a sustainable development of cities.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as well as controversy filters complement the prior identification of relevant sectors.

Its investment objective consists in outperforming global equity markets over the long term (minimum five years).

Sustainable urbanisation: a global theme filled with opportunities, at the centre of sustainable development challenges

As cities are conquering the world…

Places of life, work, exchanges, exile sometimes, cities are where more than half of humanity already lives1. And urbanisation still has a bright future ahead of it: in 2050, it is estimated that it will concern two thirds of the world’s population, or two billion urban dwellers joining the ranks of the current urban population.

...The future is conquering cities!

People in cities aspire to live comfortably, healthily and in harmony with their environment. Sustainable development will leave its mark on urbanisation, and inspire solutions to manage the influx of people, meet the needs and improve the quality of life of urban dwellers, and finally, reduce the environmental impact of cities.

Did you know? Sustainable urbanisation is part of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

The transition towards tomorrow’s cities is filled with opportunities
  • The opportunity to renovate or build infrastructure, necessary in emerging countries to reach a higher stage of development, also necessary for energy transition.
  • The opportunity to create new technologies, using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in fields as varied as energy and water, waste treatment, traffic management, security, etc., to manage cities more efficiently and sustainably.
  • The opportunity to invent new services to make life easier for the city dweller on a daily basis.

And so many others! The 21st century will undoubtedly be the century of cities, the century that will see them become larger, smarter, greener.

The Sustainable Urbanisation theme, by CPR AM :

A multisector and responsible investment universe to approach the theme of sustainable urbanisation in its entirety

* Environmental, Social and Governance

The global investment universe is structured around five sector clusters forming the urban ecosystem. It covers the physical and intangible elements of the city as well as everything that this ecosystem needs to function.

A committee meets on a monthly basis to decide on the securities to be excluded from the investment universe: companies whose extra-financial ratings reflect the worst behaviours and controversies on ESG criteria are excluded from the universe.

Each sector is analysed and the selection of shares is based on management’s priorities. The final portfolio of around 80 shares then retains those businesses showing the best financial and extra-financial prospects.


Number of shares in the eligible universe


Sector clusters forming the urban ecosystem


Number of shares in the final portfolio

Keep an eye on

  • Risk of loss of principal.
  • No guaranteed returns.
  • Recommended investment horizon: at least five years.
  • Shifts in equity prices may have a negative impact on the fund's net asset value.
  • Currency risk not being systematically hedged for the part of investments that is made outside the Eurozone, a decline in the exchange rate can lead to a loss of value.
  • The investment theme is characterized by its sector choices, when financial markets are driven by other non-rekated sectors, the fund may not benefit from the market growth.
  • The fund may exhibit high levels of volatility due to the composition of the portfolio or the applied management techniques, which means that the share values may be subject upward and downward fluctuations within a short period of time.

Risk indicator

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At higher risk, At lower risk,
Typically lower reward Typically higher reward

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