Observation of the financial markets over the past few years shows that periods of market gains, when the indices fared well, have been followed by declines or even crises that have hit investors hard.

In an environment that is now less certain, the need to comply with a fixed equity allocation may seem restrictive but it has become necessary, so that portfolio exposures to the various asset classes (equities, bonds, etc.) can be adjusted to changing market configurations. Flexible management, which can adjust one’s strategy to short-term market shifts, is one way to meet this objective. 

Flexible management delegates the management of your funds to specialists who adjust your portfolio’s allocation to market shifts between money-market, equity and bond assets.

CPR AM’s approach aims to achieve the best possible return for a given level of risk and investment horizon. Asset allocation is of hallmark importance in the construction of Multi-Asset portfolios. 


Responsiveness and risk control are the keys to CPR AM’s Multi-Asset investment management philosophy. Responsiveness means adjusting each asset class’s weighting within the portfolio in accordance with market conditions. This is a true advantage in an environment burdened by a high degree of uncertainty.

The main risks of this strategy are the risks of loss of capital, along with equity, interest-rate, credit and forex risk. Refer to the fund’s legal documentation for more details on its risk profile.


A convertible bond is a hybrid financial instrument with both a bond component and an equity component thanks to the conversion option. In short, it is a bond that includes a conversion right allowing its holder, under certain conditions, to exchange a company’s bonds for its shares.

In practice, if the share price rises the convertible bond price also tends to rise, tracking the share’s performance. However, if the share price falls, the convertible’s bond character comes to the fore. In short, a convertible bond holder participates increasingly in share price gains and will be protected if the share price falls.  

With more than 20 years of experience in convertible bonds, CPR Asset Management is a long-standing player in this asset class. Management of the convertible bond portfolios is entrusted to an experienced team that is fully integrated into the Multi-Asset strategy department. The two specialist managers have asset allocation tools and research available to them, along with operating circuits and transversal ideas set up with CPR AM other managers (equities, credit), particularly to monitor issuers.

The manager’s strategy aims to optimise returns and limit risk using a model based on four performance drivers (interest rates, credit, equities, and volatility).

Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances of the funds and of the funds manager.